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Senrin Yamagishi
Born in Tokyo.
After graduation from Tama Art University of Fine of Arts (majored in Japanese painting), Yamagishi held a solo exhibitions in New York and Paris.
In 1997, she produced a 1570 square foot garden painting at Kodaiji temple during an art event Yamagishi organized. Her masterpiece is a picture on a sliding paper door (fusumae) at Kodaiji temple entitled "weeping cherry tree". The fusumae has been on public display every spring. Yamagishi’s representative works also includes the ceiling picture, "rising dragon, descending dragon" and "A light-ink cherry blossom" for Honrenji temple, and "Irises" for Samukawa shrine. Recently she has been working with commercial enterprises, creating designs for goods in the modern environment including advertising, packaging folding fans and kimono fabrics.
1988 First solo exhibition, at Daikanyama Hillside Gallery, Tokyo
Solo exhibition at Seibu Loft, Tokyo
1990 Works commissioned for Isago Hall, Kanagawa
12 works commissioned for Fuji Zerox Hakone Symphonia Building, Kanagawa
1991 Works exhibited in VIP rooms at the World Athletics Championships, Tokyo
Four-panel folding screen commissioned for Shotoken Japanese Inn, Chiba
Supervising design of elevator, and two-panel folding screen commissioned for Nakagin Resort, Shizuoka
1992 Solo exhibition at Gallery Point, Paris, co-sponsored by Japan Airlines (JAL)
1993 Solo exhibition at JAL Gallery, New York, co-sponsored by JAL
Solo exhibition at Dentsu Gallery, Tokyo
Six-panel folding screen commissioned for UCC Holdings
Lecture at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, New York
1994 Participation in Art Expo, Hawaii
Participation in "Art against AIDS Japan" exhibition at Landmark Tower, Yokohama, and at Sogetsu Kaikan, Tokyo
1995 Works commissioned for Koto-ward culture center
1997 Participation in art event "Celebrating 400th anniversary of Shogun Hideyoshi - heart of Momoyama" at Kodaiji temple, Kyoto
Sliding screen painting commissioned for residence of Mr. George Tokoro
1998 Changing pseudonym to Senrin Yamagishi
Sliding-screen painting, "Spring view - Weeping cherry tree", commissioned for Kodaiji temple, Kyoto, the first female artist to be commissioned
1999 Wall scroll commissioned for Kodaiji temple, Kyoto
Ceiling painting, "Rising dragon, descending dragon", commissioned for Honrenji temple, Kanagawa
Sake etiquette design for Kizakura
2000 Participation in exhibition, "Play with Japan" at Furukawa Museum, Aichi
2002 Participation in production of Kirin Beer’s World Cup label design
Production of "Sakura cookies" package for YOKUMOKU
2003 Participation in NHK's Heart exhibition
Depicting cover page of monthly magazine, "health&life" for Houken
2008 Partition-screen painting commissioned for Honrenji temple, Kanagawa
2009 Sliding-screen painting, "Usuzumi zakura" (Light-black-colored cherry tree), commissioned for Honrenji temple, Kanagawa
2010 Wall scroll trilogy, "Pine, bamboo, and plum trees", commissioned for Honrenji temple, Kanagawa
2011 Solo exhibition, "Spring - Play with Wa (Japanese style)" at Ginza Mitsukoshi, Tokyo
Design of Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) packaging, "Yearning for cherry blossoms", for Toraya Confectionery
2012 Solo exhibition, "Spring view/Senrin Yamagishi’s World" at Toraya Gallery, Kyoto
2013 Painting, "Irises" and "Quarter moon - Refinement of autumn", commissioned for Samukawa shrine, Kanagawa
Solo exhibition, "Quarter moon" at Ginza Mitsukoshi, Tokyo
Solo exhibition, "Refinement of autumn" at Toraya Gallery, Kyoto
Organization of art event including exhibition, "Refinement of autumn" and light installation at Kodaiji temple, Kyoto
Solo exhibition, "Refinement of autumn" at Toraya Gallery, Kyoto
Design of Wagashi (Japanese confectionery), "Refinement of autumn" for Toraya Confectionery
2015 Solo exhibition at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo
2017 Solo exhibition at Ginza Mitsukoshi, Tokyo
2018 Solo exhibition at Onishi Gallery, New York
2019 Solo exhibition, "Senrin & Spring feast" at Kodaiji temple, Kyoto